Keep your finger on the pulse of your business by promptly receiving information from anywhere in the world.

CRM system for your business

We know how to improve the efficiency of your business, we will help to establish high-quality work, analyze and increase profitability, as well as make the best use of your finances!

Simple CRM system

Simple order accounting

The CRM system turns a business into a self-sufficient, highly efficient platform that allows you to automate all processes as much as possible, collect an up-to-date database, and use analytical services.

Warehouse management module (WMS)

Inventory management

The module allows you to centrally coordinate all aspects of the warehouse sectors, comprehensively monitor the status of each department, and carry out full-fledged administration.

Financial management program

Simple bookkeeping for the company

The software unites the financial conglomeration of the company into a single system, carries out asset planning, while protecting the data from external interference.

Advertising management module

Track ad performance

Thanks to the structure of the module, the business owner will be able to create scenarios for promotional displays, add banners and analyze statistics on the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Employee work automation module (BPM)

Increasing the quality of service

The module organizes the database, saves the history of vacancies, controls the upload of resumes, processes test results, making the operation of the recruiting sector as simple as possible.

Enterprise Transport Management Module (TMS)

Tracking transport movements

A unified smart system will allow you to competently manage logistic processes, draw up and optimize routes, administer requests and coordinate the work of the vehicle fleet, minimizing the cost of fuel and lubricants.

IMOOX - for those who want more

“ Quality — is to do anything right even when no one is looking ” (Henry Ford).

In the field of service delivery, we, first of all, take into account the wishes and needs of customers, day after day embodying them with the help of convenient and simple solutions, using advanced technologies and unique products.

The credo of IMOOX specialists: reliability, responsibility and efficiency. The goal is a quality result and customer comfort.

We invite you to cooperate and guarantee a decent result!

CEO: Konstantin Zabaturin

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