IMOOX CRM system capabilities


IMOOX has developed a single CRM system for business management, covering the nuances of interaction with customers, partners and employees, as well as automating all work processes.

Intelligent modular technology systematizes information, coordinates the work of personnel, creates documents, maintains accounting, controls logistics, generates analytical online reports, etc.

As a result, managers make fewer mistakes, it is easier for the manager to control the process, and the released resources are used to expand the business.

Why you should use a complex CRM system

A unified management system is a platform that can be easily adapted to any business tasks, significantly saves the user's time, provides multifunctional levers of control and regulation of business from any convenient location.

Website / Online Store Management (CMS)

Control and convenience

The module provides synchronization of orders made on the website, in a store or by telephone and provides the ability to manage them centrally.

Customer / Order Management (CRM)

Coordination and reliability

The module takes over the management of personnel and business processes, which practically excludes the human factor. The program creates a portrait of the client and saves the history of interactions with him.

Warehouse management (WMS)

Multifunctionality and benefits

The module allows you to competently organize the work of warehouse structures, including controlling the cost of commodity items, monitoring its dispatch and delivery to the place, and calculating income. The program allows you to track the activities of an unlimited number of warehouses, as well as take into account the jumps in exchange rates.

Financial management

Precision and automation

Accounting is the most difficult aspect of an enterprise's work, and a unified system takes over it: calculates wages, draws up invoices and contracts, and automatically performs other financial transactions.

Advertising efficiency

Analytics and planning

The program monitors the indicator of the effectiveness of advertising offers published on the Web, evaluates them and finds the most profitable promotional offers.

Workforce automation (BPM)

Management and forward-looking calculation

A useful tool helps to clearly coordinate the responsibilities of each employee, form an up-to-date work scenario, and implement smart staff management without effort and time.

Enterprise Transport Management (TMS)

Routing and flexibility

The module allows you to plan a route, taking into account the traffic load and taking into account the required delivery time. Allows for flexibility in routing depending on the surrounding circumstances.

Contact center module

Smart communication

The module provides the most convenient communication with clients and business partners: templates for letters, mailings to e-mail boxes and in the format of SMS messages are created, history is tracked and reports are generated.

Purchase planning

Time saving and business administration

The program automatically notifies about the need to purchase product units when a certain quantity is reached or in accordance with a time indicator (depending on personal settings), generates an order, presents a list of recommended items.

Analytics of company performance

Understanding the situation and working for the future

Thanks to the program, the manager regularly receives expense and income reports in the form of convenient and visual graphs about the activities of the enterprise and the efficiency of each employee.

How CRM will help your business

An integrated ERP + CRM system is especially relevant in the following business areas: retail, banking and financial transactions, manufacturing and distribution, as well as all types of business services.

Time saving

A unified ERP + CRM system is installed and launched much faster than deploying separate business management modules.

Ease of management

Interaction with smart technologies does not require special training - the process is as clear as possible, logical and thought out by the developers to the smallest detail.

Increased sales

ERP + CRM modules are completely ready for promotion on the Web, so the company will quickly take the first positions in search engines, which will contribute to the influx of customers and increase profits.

Why is it worth ordering a CRM system from us?

IMOOX has created a unique set of modules that provide comprehensive business management and control over all its processes. System advantages:

  • Data security and safety. All information entered into the system is securely encrypted and stored on German servers protected from hacking. Data is regularly backed up in case of force majeure, and the system's source code is not freely available.
  • Optimization of business processes. Due to an integrated approach, automatic collection, classification and analysis of data provided on the basis of ERP + CRM, the time of the head of the company is significantly saved, while the processes are more organized.
  • Resource planning. Due to the harmonious functioning of the modules of a single system, correct warehouse accounting is ensured, accounting operations and logistics processes are simplified, which leads to economical and targeted spending and distribution of resources.







How much does a complex CRM system cost?

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Frequently asked Questions

ERP + CRM is invaluable in terms of coordinating business without geographical reference. It is configured for multilingualism, meets cyber security requirements, fully automates important processes, and helps to monitor the work of employees. In addition, the system minimizes risks, warns of possible debts, performs the functions of a secretary, accountant, analyst, logistician, etc. This approach cuts costs, establishes stable control over the work of employees and prevents staff bloating. The system provides the exclusive ability to administer multiple sites at the same time and allows you to control all business units.
Because the global modular block significantly optimizes the operation of the enterprise through total automation of operations. Also, an integrated system gives the manager the opportunity to escape from routine, focusing on the vectors of further business development. To interact with the functionality and tools of the system, you do not need to hire specially trained employees, all modules are available for individual customization, so the result will be an intuitive, unique, network management structure. The effectiveness of the company is reflected in regular detailed reports, which helps to avoid mistakes and correct shortcomings in time.
For interaction with ERP + CRM to be profitable and stable, you need to trust a worthy, respectable company with extensive experience. A single automatic platform for effective business management from IMOOX is a guarantee of excellent results, since it was created taking into account all requirements and wishes, using progressive technical innovations and reliable servers. Additionally, the company's specialists will provide the client with free professional support and competently advise. A unified site management system from IMOOX is a plus to the image and an obvious benefit for improving your business.

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To order a CRM system, write, call or fill out the feedback form. Be sure to visit the IMOOX pages on social networks - there we talk about our work and clearly demonstrate how a competently and effectively configured business management system works.

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