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  • Simple, intuitive interface and hiding complex settings
  • Systematic storage, convenient and fast search for any necessary information
  • Controlling the stages of order fulfillment (notifications to managers)
  • Automatic scheduled notifications to customers about changes
  • Automatic execution of actions at work stages
  • Control of attendance and working hours
  • Appointment calendar for specialists
  • Evaluation of performance based on “KPI”
  • Report on the main indicators of the company
  • Free interactions with the necessary services

  • Integration with «Nova Poshta»
  • Integration with «Privat24»
  • Integration with SMS-mailing service
  • Integration with email service
  • Integration with IP telephony
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  • Package features «Light»

«Advertising management module»
  • Comparison of profit from clients from advertising resources
  • Tracking the best advertisements
  • Tracking nailed from ad investment
  • Customer cost comparison
  • Unlimited ad resources

«Employee work automation module (BPM)»
  • Automatic execution of necessary actions
  • Writing ready-made templates / task execution scripts
  • Timing tasks
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  • Package features «Standard»

«Finance management module»
  • Online display of assignment
  • Simple reports with counterparties
  • Possibility of automatic analytics of offset offsets
  • Simple registration of financial receipts
  • Automatic calculation of real income
  • Automatic recalculation of finance at current exchange rates
  • Charts of planned and current expenses of the company
  • Real-time display of financial transactions
  • Detailed reports on the real performance of the company

«Warehouse management module (WMS)»
  • Easy entry of goods into the warehouse
  • The ability to maintain an unlimited number of warehouses
  • The ability to track the cost of each unit of goods
  • Simple and intuitive inventory management
  • Marking of goods depending on the location of the goods
  • The ability to export price lists in various formats and access to online balances for partners

«Enterprise Transport Management Module (TMS)»
  • Quick route shaping
  • Setting the required waypoints
  • Arrival time tracking
  • Choosing the fastest / optimal / economical route
  • Vehicle tracking on the map
  • Route editing online

Frequently asked Questions

ERP + CRM is invaluable in terms of coordinating business without geographical reference. It is configured for multilingualism, meets cyber security requirements, fully automates important processes, and helps to monitor the work of employees. In addition, the system minimizes risks, warns of possible debts, performs the functions of a secretary, accountant, analyst, logistician, etc. This approach cuts costs, establishes stable control over the work of employees and prevents staff bloating. The system provides the exclusive ability to administer multiple sites at the same time and allows you to control all business units.
Because the global modular block significantly optimizes the operation of the enterprise through total automation of operations. Also, an integrated system gives the manager the opportunity to escape from routine, focusing on the vectors of further business development. To interact with the functionality and tools of the system, you do not need to hire specially trained employees, all modules are available for individual customization, so the result will be an intuitive, unique, network management structure. The effectiveness of the company is reflected in regular detailed reports, which helps to avoid mistakes and correct shortcomings in time.
For interaction with ERP + CRM to be profitable and stable, you need to trust a worthy, respectable company with extensive experience. A single automatic platform for effective business management from IMOOX is a guarantee of excellent results, since it was created taking into account all requirements and wishes, using progressive technical innovations and reliable servers. Additionally, the company's specialists will provide the client with free professional support and competently advise. A unified site management system from IMOOX is a plus to the image and an obvious benefit for improving your business.

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